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We are Happy at Happy Trails

Our unique school culture, tradition and academic success spans over a decade of excellence, hard work and dedication

From The Management


Welcome to ‘Happy Trails Citadel website! The founders and patrons of ‘Happy Trails Citadel are highly educated professionals who place a high value on education, and thus ensures that the school fulfills this expectation.
Our programs are academically oriented and offer an education comparable to the best available in private schools in Africa.
The educational philosophy and unique instructional methods are totally child-centered. We believe in teaching the child as a whole and meeting individual needs.

Our goal is to recognize individual differences and to provide each child with a positive and complete educational experience. To achieve this goal, we maintain small class sizes a student/teacher ratio of about 15:2 in the nursery classes and 15:1 in the primary classes, with emphasis on individualized instructions at each class level.
Most of our teachers have 10 or more years experience, hold teaching certification and advanced degrees. Their work is complemented by resource teachers, specialist teachers, parent volunteers and administrative staff.
Our unique school culture, tradition and academic success spans over a decade of excellence, hard work and dedication.


The school has a library exceeding national standards. Basic instruction is augmented by regular instructions in art, music, physical education and computers. ‘Happy Trails Citadel pupils excel academically. Typically, 95% of our graduates get placements in the outstanding Federal Government secondary schools. Each section, our pupils are recognized and obtain merits and distinctions at the various competitions in which they participate. In addition, our school offers a full range of co-curricular activities and special programs.
One to one teacher/child attention; happy environment; art, music, sport and language opportunities; fully qualified staff; high attainment in core learning skills; computer assisted learning; first class preparation for the next stage of education; early opening and after school care to help working parents – all these and many more than can be listed on a page, make up the ideal environment we offer for young boys and girls to start to find the best in themselves. Becoming a tradition takes time we have over a decade of excellence to our credit; staying a tradition takes work – consistently high academic achievements is supported by our dedication to developing a whole child.
On behalf of the management, staff and pupils, l welcome you to ‘Happy Trails Citadel.

Our aim at Happy Trails Citadel is to provide an environment for each and every child where they feel safe, secure, happy and motivated to learn. In this way each child progresses academically as well as developing their own unique talents.
Our core values are at the heart of our school.
• Creativity
• Pride
• Responsibility
• Confidence
• Perseverance
• Teamwork
• Aspiration
• Fun and Enjoyment

Through these values we strive to ensure your child’s first steps on the ladder of education are happy and rewarding.


Collaboration is at the heart of all we do and we share expertise across networks of schools for the benefit of all children and to drive continued school improvement.
We pride ourselves on having a staff team committed to providing the best for every child. We encourage the children to develop confidence and independence by ensuring positive attitudes and high standards.
In partnership with the whole school community, I am delighted and privileged to lead this forward looking organization into a future where, together, we continually strive to provide the support, opportunities and challenge which positively transforms children’s lives forever.