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15 Ishaga Street Ojodu Off Ojodu Abiodun

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Week Days: 6:30 AM - 6:30 PM Saturday: 10:00AM – 5:00PM Sunday: Closed

Happy Trails


First impressions of school matters, so our pre-school classes offer the warm, happy and constructive introduction to set the children off to a flying start

Our educational focus is on structured play and learning, we ensure that our children enjoy a varied and stimulating balance between learning through play and more formal study in Reading, Mathematics, Science, Social Norms, Art, Music, Physical Development/Sport and Moral Building.

Happy Trails Citadel curriculum begins with a focus on the children who come to us, but it extends into the future as well, prospecting the adults these children will become.  Beginning in our Pre-School classes, we develop learners capable of finding and solving problems, collaborating with others, and accessing, organizing, and presenting information. Every day, we support pupils in mastering the basics and moving into the sophisticated reasoning and communication skills which will prepare them to create and care for the future.

  • Challenging– They learn by being engaged in complete tasks.
  • Balanced & Flexible– They learn in their own individual pace.
  • Collaborative– They learn by working together.
  • Experiential – They learn by doing.
  • Reflective– They learn by revisiting their work.

The educational focus is on structured play, but includes first steps in reading, writing and early numbers. The pre-school education plays an important role in preparing pupils for higher and more advanced schooling. As such, we ensure that our pupils enjoy a varied and stimulating balance between learning via play and more formal study for reading and early mathematics. Mastering the alphabet, letter sound and developing writing skills are combined with the introduction of more structured teaching for mathematics, science, social studies, art, music physical development/Sports, and Moral Building.


These early years (ages 2+, 3+, 4+) make up our foundation stage. Learning at this stage probably won’t feel like work as most children see it as just fun and play. But as they get to grips with speaking and listening, singing and dancing, stories and counting, they will be gaining those essential basic skills that will get them off to a flying start when they begin year one.

The pre-school is the place where pupils begin the development of life skills. They learn about themselves as individuals among their peers.

The classroom as a social learning community provides opportunities for:

  • Working cooperatively with others
  • Focusing attention on self-selected tasks
  • Focusing attention on teacher-selected tasks
  • Monitoring their own behavior among their group
  • Demonstrating responsibility for personal belonging
  • Showing eagerness to learn new things.
  • Working on creative tasks
  • Attempting to resolve conflicts with appropriate strategies
  • Respecting rights and properties of others
  • Seeking and accepting adult’s assistance help when needed
  • Building moral skills